We have developed a suite of model-based techniques for multiple removal, offering you interchangeable workflows to allow easy testing of results. We have a range of methodologies to adapt the multiple model to seismic data. Our aim is to provide operational flexibility, with the opportunity to customise a workflow for your clients.

The MULMOD processor may be used to predict a multiple model, for later removal with the WANGSUBT processor and MONKSUBT processor. It works on CDP ordered data, and requires an approximate velocity model and a digitised sea-floor. The multiple model can be saved to a discfile or a dynamic trace header pseudotrace).

The MONKSUBT and WANGSUBT modules provide two approaches for adaptation and subtraction of a multiple model from the input dataset.

The SRME processor is a surface related multiple suppression module. It calculates the predicated multiple field, which can later be subtracted from the input data using the MONKSUBT processor and WANGSUBT processor.