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GLOBE Claritas Customisable Tools

One of the strengths of GLOBE Claritas is the ease with which you can add your own code into a processing flow. There are three ways in which this can be done, ranging from a quick and simple way to add a few lines of Fortran or Python, to a permanent incorporation of your own algorithms into your GLOBE Claritas installation.

In addition, because much of the basic source code for the processing modules is provided with GLOBE Claritas, this code can be used as a starting point for development of new modules.The TRFUDGE and RUNPYTHON processor modules are the easiest way to add a few simple lines of code.

User-written code is easily linked into a processing flow at run-time by specifying a list of user-written object modules (or libraries).

Alternatively, you may wish to develop new processor modules and then add these new modules to the list of those normally available within the seismic job editor.