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GLOBE Claritas Areal Display and Analysis of Seismic Attributes

Claritas Areal

AREAL displays seismic attributes (amplitudes, SEG-Y header values etc) in a spatial sense using specified primary and secondary keys as the X and Y axes. The AREAL seismic processor is used to extract the required information from the SEG-Y data and save it to a text-file which is displayed by the areal application.

Example of AREAL's usage include display of parameters such as:

  • Measured horizon seismic amplitudes as a function of {X,Y}.
  • Average windowed trace amplitudes as a function of shot and channel.
  • Any SEG-Y header variable as a function of two other header variables.

Blocks of data, or individual traces, can then be flagged with the mouse for later muting or selective processing.