Claritas / Overview / Features

GLOBE Claritas Features

Here are some of the features you will find in the GLOBE Claritas package:

    GLOBE Claritas areal display and analysis of seismic attributes.
  • AVO
    GLOBE Claritas allows users to interactively perform AVO analysis.
  • Customisable Tools
    Customising or writing new GLOBE Claritas seismic processing modules is straightforward.
  • Display Tools
    Powerful image-comparison features, and wide range of zoom options make XVIEW a particular strength of the Claritas package.
  • Editor Tools
    The GLOBE Claritas seismic job editor is simple to learn and use, and can be mouse- or keyboard-driven to cater for new and expert users alike
  • First Break/Mutes
    First break picking is made simple using the interactive SQC tool.
  • Job Control System
    Find out more about the system for setting up, and controlling, multiple seismic processing jobs (JCS).
  • Refraction Statics
    GLOBE Claritas is renowned for its excellent handling of refraction statics.
  • Residual Statics
    GLOBE Claritas is also renowned for its excellent handling of residual statics.
  • SRME
    GLOBE Claritas has several approaches to multiple removal.
  • Velocity Analysis
    Find out more about the GLOBE Claritas interactive velocity analysis tool.