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GLOBE Claritas Brochures

Get in touch to find out how GLOBE Claritas can help you connect, build and grow.
Claritas Connect Build Grow.pdf (3.72 MB)

Learn more about HDF5's HDF5's versatile internal file format.
Claritas HDF5.pdf (3.68 MB)

A highly scalable and portable seismic toolkit for consultants.
Claritas iMage Suite.pdf (1.93 MB)

Find out how Claritas can support your innovation and growth.
Claritas Integrated Development Platform.pdf (3.60 MB)

For a complete listing of the seismic processing modules provided with GLOBE Claritas.
Claritas Module List.pdf (1.40 MB)

For an overview of GLOBE Claritas seismic processing software.
Claritas Overview.pdf (4.65 MB)

Find out more about the system for setting up, and controlling, multiple seismic processing jobs (JCS).
Claritas Productivity Tools.pdf (3.44 MB)

GLOBE Claritas is renowned for its excellent handling of refraction statics.
Claritas REFSTAT.pdf (3.56 MB)

Learn more about the Claritas SEG-Y Analyser.
Claritas SEG-Y Analyser.pdf (479.47 kB)

The ultimate tool for viewing seismic data.
Claritas Seismic Viewer.pdf (3.90 MB)

Contact us today to see the smarter way to train.
Claritas Tutorials and Videos.pdf (3.74 MB)

Find out more about the GLOBE Claritas interactive velocity analysis tool.
Claritas Velocity Analysis.pdf (3.44 MB)

Contact us today to find out about our latest version 6.2
Claritas Whats New V6-2.pdf (5.30 MB)

Other Downloads

Claritas Eval Licence.pdf (15.44 kB)