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GLOBE Claritas Animated Demos

Visit GLOBE Claritas's youtube channel to view our videos which contain the latest information around our product offerings. Our trial version comes with access to our tutorial datasets, these will guide you through the steps of´╗┐ becoming familiar with our product.

Current Demos
SeisCat A quick look at our new product, SeisCat!
Documentation Overview A look at our in-built software manual and documentation.
Claritas Mayavi2
Mayavi2 An example using GLOBE Claritas and the excellent open source visualisation program Mayavi2.
Claritas Job Control System
Job Control System (JCS) An extension to the Claritas Job Editor
SEG Analyser
SEGY Analyser Functionality of the Claritas SEGY Analyser
Claritas Refstat
Refstat Estimating refraction statics (2D) with the Claritas REFSTAT tool.
XSJE How to use XSJE - the GLOBE Claritas Job Flow builder.
XVIEW Displaying data within a job flow - XVIEW
Velocity Analysis Interactive multichannel velocity analysis tool.
Project Environment The Claritas project environment.
Tutorials How to load the Claritas tutorials