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Guy Maslen (Chief Operating Officer)
Guy has worked with the GLOBE Claritas team since 2000. He served as Operations Manager until 2008, and then took the role of COO in 2011. Prior to joining GNS Science, Guy worked for both Veritas and CGG in Europe in a variety of roles, including onboard processing and 2D/3D preSDM projects.

Jonathan Ravens (Senior Software Developer)
Jonathan is the lead developer and architect of GLOBE Claritas. He has an MSc in Geophysics from the University of Durham and has led the development team since 1985. His over 20 years of real word experience in land seismic processing ensures a strong end-user focus that produces the results geophysicists are looking for in a way that is intuitive and straightforward.

Mark Henderson (Research & Development Geophysicist)
Mark joined the GLOBE Claritas team in 2011 from the Victoria University of Wellington Geophysics Department. His work represents active Research & Development and delivers cutting edge features to the software.

Rand Huso (Research Software Engineer)
Rand joined the GLOBE Claritas team in late 2008, and brings a wealth of experience in Agile software programming. Rand has two decades of experience as a certified software engineer working with agile teams to design and implement systems and applications for a variety of platforms in Java and C / C++.

Yvette Baker (Software Developer)
Yvette became part of the development team in mid 2013. Her focus is on the future of GLOBE Claritas and so her work involves research into the most up to date tools, to be used in our software. She has previously had experience working for a large oil and energy technology company in Denmark.

Chris LeBlanc(Software Developer)
Chris has an honours degree in Earth Sciences from Dalhousie University in Canada, where he also worked as a research assistant for several years. In addition to code development and maintenance, Chris is primarily involved in porting the application to other environments and is the first point of contact in the GLOBE Claritas team for technical support. Chris has been part of the team since 2006.

Andy Juniper (Product Owner / Technical Support Specialist)
Andy has previously worked for CGG-Veritas in the UK, and joined the GLOBE Claritas team in 2007. He has 20 years of processing experience in 2D/3D marine processing. Andy is considered the product owner (i.e. oversees development and testing), as well as Technical Support lead, and training coordinator.

Kirsty Hunt (Team Administrator)
Kirsty covers a countless number of items and duties, all of which make life easier for the team as a whole. She had experience in the past working for the likes of Carl Zeiss, and brings all of her knowledge to her role as team administrator.

Dhiresh Hansaraj (Geophysicist - Business Development)
Dhiresh has been involved with the GLOBE Claritas team on and off since 2005, including a partnership in 2010 with his (now concluded) business venture, Black Mountain Seismic. He has also worked in the Australian mining industry and this, coupled with his experience in a startup, provides valuable experience in multi-client environments. Dhiresh has an MSc in Geophysics.

Keleigh Jones (Technical Support Specialist)
Keleigh joined the GLOBE Claritas team in 2011, after completing her PhD in Geophysics. She provides technical support and is the main port of call to GLOBE Claritas users.

As well as these core team members, the GLOBE Claritas team benefits from close collaboration with scientists in the Petroleum Geoscience and Marine Geoscience divisions within GNS Science.

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